17-18 May 2022 | Venue TBC, Portugal


Anise Ganbold

Project Leader, Commodities and Hydrogen
Aurora Energy Research
anise ganbold

Anise leads the commodities team, which provides analysis and forecasts for natural gas, oil, coal, and carbon, and more recently for hydrogen. Anise has nine years of experience in energy analysis including gas analysis and consulting, and building forecasting models.

Prior to Aurora, she managed the long-term power model and provided EU ETS analysis at ICIS in London. Before this, Anise was a gas and power analyst at S&P Global Platts and led the long-term gas model team. Anise started her career as a gas analyst at Eclipse Energy Group. Anise has a Masters in International Environmental Law from Queen Mary University, and a Bachelors in Law from the London School of Economics.

19 May
 - 09:50 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

Aside from the technology needed to produce hydrogen, location of production is of equal importance to both cost effectiveness and use of land. Governments and developers will need to decide whether to meet demand and the lowest cost hydrogen is best produced on site next to renewables, or whether energy is transported from areas with high volume low-cost renewable energy to centralised hydrogen plants.

• Should developers put their efforts into several big projects that can meet capacities or a mix of smaller localised and regional projects?
• Examining the cost basis for localised projects vs. importing
• How issues of space to deploy projects will affect cost, especially in the European context with less space available
• Ensuring that green hydrogen remains green after transportation - how can foreign production be tracked to ensure renewables are used?