Our 2024 Speakers

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Timo Kryßon

Head of Downstream Origination, Iberia


Prasanta Kumar Mishra

Managing Director Plant Operations

Liberty Steel Group

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann

Former Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany

Federica Sabbati

Secretary General

European Heating Industry

Andrea Triki

Senior Expert for Hydrogen Policy and Strategy

German Energy Agency

Noemi Bueicheku

Business Development Director

Yara Clean Ammonia

Naiara Ortiz de Mendíbil Romo

Secretary General


Sara Piskor

Director for Strategy, Policy and Communication


Bert Den Ouden

Project Director

HyXchange Project

Sara Di Mario


Hazel New Energy

Cuckoo James

Journalist/Pricing Analyst

OPIS/ Dow Jones

Eduardo Martinez

VP of Energy & Infrastructure

ING Bank

Pedro Rocheta De Almeida Fernandes

Head of Power Generation

Enel Green Power

François Paquet

Impact Director

Renewable Hydrogen Coalition

Thomas Becker

Managing Director

STRING Megaregion

Nanna Baldvinsdóttir

Chief Executive Officer


Liesbeth Switten

General Secretary

Association of Issuing Bodies

Manuel Rato

Project Manager

Hyperion Renewables

Faidon Prokopios

Manufacturing Decarbonisation Director

Titan Cement

Zuzana Vrbova

Strategy & Development


Barbara Jinks

Programme Officer, green gases


Lisa McDermott

Executive Director


Marcella Franchi

Senior Vice President

Haffner Energy

Andriy Kovtonyuk

Business Developer – Power-to-X


Arnaud Namer

Chief Operating Officer

Universal Hydrogen

Jorge Moreno



Sue Putallaz

Co-founder & CEO


George Turner

Senior Conference Producer

Solar Media

John Creaton

CEO & Co-Founder

Planet Arborist

Erik Rakhou

Associate Director

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Beatriz Barrios

Energy Storage Analyst

Clean Horizon

Alvaro Laranjo

Diretor Executive


Alejandro Zehain

Project Leader


Victor Monje

Investment Management

Schroeders greencoat

Adio Stefoni

Country Manager, Chile

Luminous Energy

Marianne Anton

Counsel, Regulatory, Public Law & Competition

Watson Farley & Williams

David Lindsay-Hood

Consult to

Arbikie Distillery

Volker Hasenberg

Manager International Hydrogen Strategy

Daimler trucks

Nuno Antunes

Co-Head of Energy and Natural Resources

Miranda Law Firm

Matteo Micheli

Senior Expert Hydrogen and Synthetic Energy Carriers

German Energy Agency

Adrien D’Ormesson

Foresight Group

Investment Manager

Gotzon Gomez Sarasola

Head of Operations, Spain

H2 Green Steel

Eva Hennig

Chair of the Eurogas DIST Committee


Raphaël Schoentgen

Founder and CEO

Hydrogen Advisors

Jeroen Shuppers

Senior Expert, Unit C2 - Clean Energy Transitions

European Commission

Alba Soler

Power to X Director


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Interested in Speaking?

If you would like to present a case study or be part of a panel session at our Green Hydrogen Summit
then please get in touch with the team today.