When is Blending Green Hydrogen the Best Use Case for Gas Pipelines?

Time: 15:15 - 16:00

Date: 17-04-2024


  • A deep dive into gas distributors concerns about transition from natural gas, and the potential of various gases to replace it. Is green hydrogen the best solution they see, or could alternatives like biomethane make more sense?
  • With analysis showing that just a 5% blending target would require about 50 TWh of hydrogen (a significant share of the 132 TWh EU production targeted by 2030) is blending hydrogen the best use of a limited supply?
  • Weighing up both the costs of production with the cost of infrastructure upgrades vs. alternatives gases, as although we may see hydrogen blending up to 20% in future, it is more expensive and both pipelines and customer appliances may need to be replaced



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