The Power of Hydrogen: ARBIKIE Distillery’s H2 Fuelled Alcohol

Time: 17:10 - 17:30

Date: 17-04-2024


In 2022, Locogen and the ARBIKIE distillery secured UK Government innovation funding with to implement a green hydrogen energy system at their distillery. The system includes a 1 MW wind turbine, electrolyser, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen boiler. It is a collaborative effort between the Arbikie Distillery, Locogen and Logan Energy. The implementation of hydrogen will help the distillery transition from conventional distilling methods to utilizing on-site zero-carbon green hydrogen.

  • The key components of the green hydrogen energy system such as the 1MW Wind turbine electrolysers, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen boiler
  • The shift from conventional distilling methods to on-site zero-carbon green hydrogen utilisation
    Challenges faced during the implementation process, and showcasing the strategies integrated to overcome these challenges
  • The improvements in efficiency, environmental impact, and benefits from the transition


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