E-Fuels in Europe: Navigating New Mandates and Market Opportunities

Time: 12:35 - 13:15

Date: 18-04-2024


  • Assessing RED III’s impact on hydrogen use in industry, with targets of 42% of hydrogen used by 2030 to be Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBO) and its implications for E-Fuels.
  • Analyzing how E-fuels will fit FuelEU’s maritime strategy for an 80% GHG intensity reduction in maritime fuels by 2050, with a focus on compliance mechanisms and renewable fuel adoption.
  • Exploring the European Commission’s SAF mandates for aviation, highlighting the progressive increase to 63% by 2050 and the intricacies of Power-to-Liquid SAF integration and cost dynamics.


  • Marianne Anton Counsel, Regulatory, Public Law & Competition - Watson Farley & Williams


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