Zach Lowe

Southern Company Gas
zach lowe

“Zac is a director at Southern Company Gas and has been with the company for over 6.5 years.  He is responsible for the research and development (R&D) group that focuses on hydrogen, amongst other operational and environmental areas.  Zac has experience in asset integrity management, risk management, and compliance.  He has previously held roles in the private and public sectors and has an educational background in engineering.”

19 May
 - 12:30 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

Producing Green Hydrogen cost effectively is just one piece of the puzzle. Another challenge is then transporting that hydrogen – whether that is globally from areas of high volume, low-cost hydrogen production to other nations, or just from localised projects to offtakers. This session will examine the challenges of developing medium to long term transportation options for the Hydrogen market.

• Understanding the technical challenges of converting old gas grid to hydrogen, including pipe embrittlement and safety concerns
• Understanding the costs of developing new infrastructure and how these can offset
• Is a pan European hydrogen pipeline a possibility? And do member states work together to make it a reality?
• Whether converting to other gases such as ammonia or methane pre transportation is a better long-term strategy, weighing up efficiency losses vs infrastructure conversion costs