Richard Howard

Research Director
Aurora Energy Research
richard Howard Aurora

Richard is Aurora’s Research Director and is responsible for managing and developing Aurora’s suit of market intelligence services across European power markets, renewables, flexible and distributed energy, and global commodities. He was an expert advisor to Aurora’s recent report ‘Hydrogen for a Net Zero GB’ which explored hydrogen market and technology development.

Before joining Aurora he was a Director and Head of Energy and Environment at Policy Exchange, where he authored a number of influential reports on energy and environmental policy and regulation. Prior to that he was the Chief Economist at The Crown Estate.

17 Aug
 - 15:15 BST (UTC +01:00)
Policy Insight
  • Overarching context
    • Role of Hydrogen in reaching Net Zero
    • Summary of Hydrogen policy across Europe and key countries (GB/DE/NL)
    • Technology development
  • Deep dive on GB 
    • Hydrogen market development scenarios in GB
    • Power market interactions including implications for renewables and storage
  • Deep dive on Germany & Netherlands 
    • Hydrogen market development scenarios in Germany & Netherlands (one or both)
    • Power market interactions including implications for renewables and storage
  • Discussion
    • Similarities / differences in approach between UK vs EU/DE/NL
    • Implications for financiers and utilities – where are the investable propositions?
    • Implications for policymakers – how to make this happen?
18 Aug
 - 13:00 BST (UTC +01:00)
Financing the Hydrogen Transition
Panel Discussion
  • Market analysts predict green hydrogen will be cost competitive by 2030: is this realistic?
  • What mechanisms need to be in place to speed this up?
  • What kind of scale does the industry need to hit to achieve these cost reductions?
  • How does green hydrogen compare in cost to blue, with CCS and with autothermal reforming?
  • How does capex differ in various markets?
  • What kind of capital is the market currently attracting?
  • When do lenders and investors think more deals will start to close?
  • What are the expected returns and the cost of capital?