Peter Van Ees

Business Development Hydrogen & Energy Transition
Peter van ees

Peter van Ees (49) is the leading banker on hydrogen in the Netherlands. As the Netherlands needs to move away from natural gas due to declining national production and COP-21, there is a strong urgency to develop low carbon hydrogen-based solutions.

Peter took the initiative for the Dutch-Portuguese cooperation and is regularly invited to discuss a wider range of hydrogen business development topics.

18 May
 - 09:40 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

Key to the economic success of Green Hydrogen, and its attractiveness to investors, is having a clear market to sell to so projects can be sized based on demand. Large scale markets for hydrogen though are not currently clear and potential offtakers have their own concerns about supply. In this session we will hear from representatives of the industries who may make up the hydrogen market to understand what they require from developers and governments to start using green hydrogen, and the timescales in which they expect to begin
to use it.