Mikkel Kring

Our New Energy

Mikkel joined Our New Energy as a Partner in 2019, and heads up the Nordic and UK markets. He came from a position as Head of Origination at Danske Commodities, where he was responsible for their +6GW renewables portfolio. Our New Energy is the leading European PPA advisor having closed +2.5 GW of long term PPAs for unsubsidised assets across Europe. Mikkel Kring is a strong believer of P2X as an important tool in the energy transition, and Our New Energy is involved in various P2X projects, including heat, hydrogen and methanol.

18 Aug
 - 11:45 BST (UTC +01:00)
Financing the Hydrogen Transition
  • Case introduction
  • Choosing between a behind the meter set-up vs. Sourcing energy from the market
  • Power prices and need for certainty
  • Incentivisation of flexibility