Dr Evangelos Gazis

Senior Associate
Aurora Energy Research
Evangelos Gazis

Dr Evangelos Gazis is a Senior Associate in Aurora’s Commissioned Projects team in Oxford, specialising in hydrogen, renewable energy and storage technologies. While at Aurora, Evangelos has gained extensive commercial due diligence experience in energy asset investments in the UK, Ireland and Australia and advised major developers and infrastructure funds on the business case of battery, pumped-hydro and compressed-air storage technologies. Most recently, he led Aurora’s multiclient study on the analysis of the GB hydrogen market.

Evangelos has worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Imperial College London, and a consultant with Imperial Consultants. During that time he co-authored the book Energy Innovation for the 21st century. Evangelos holds PhD and MSc degrees in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh and an MEng degree in Electrical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

17 Aug
 - 15:15 BST (UTC +01:00)
Policy Insight
  • Overarching context
    • Role of Hydrogen in reaching Net Zero
    • Summary of Hydrogen policy across Europe and key countries (GB/DE/NL)
    • Technology development
  • Deep dive on GB 
    • Hydrogen market development scenarios in GB
    • Power market interactions including implications for renewables and storage
  • Deep dive on Germany & Netherlands 
    • Hydrogen market development scenarios in Germany & Netherlands (one or both)
    • Power market interactions including implications for renewables and storage
  • Discussion
    • Similarities / differences in approach between UK vs EU/DE/NL
    • Implications for financiers and utilities – where are the investable propositions?
    • Implications for policymakers – how to make this happen?