Cristian Carraretto

Associate Director – Sustainable Resource Investments
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
cristian carraretto
11 May
 - 14:45 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion

As the world starts to look towards recovery post COVID-19 and building back a greener economy we will assess where the Green Hydrogen industry is now, how much it has been impacted by the pandemic, and how availability of funding might change the development of Hydrogen projects.

• Can the political agenda be steered toward green hydrogen and away from grey or blue? Should governments be looking at the green hydrogen route now, or use blue as part of their strategy?
• For how long will subsidies be required to support the industry, and how can we build a market not reliant on subsidies to survive?
• How investors are going to help meet the challenge of deploying and estimated additional 120GW of new wind and solar to power European hydrogen ambitions