Antonio Gómez Bruque

Head of Innovation- Renewable Gases Division

“Antonio Gómez Bruque is Head of Innovation at the Renewable Gases Division of Enagás. One of the innovative hydrogen and biomethane projects his team is taking part in is the Green Crane project, an initiative to deliver the first South to North Green Hydrogen routes in Europe. Antonio joined the Innovation and Renewable Gases team in 2019 after four years in ENTSOG, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas, where he was responsible for Interoperability and Gas Quality. Antonio joined Enagás in 2008 as part of the Innovation Unit.”

19 May
 - 11:25 BST (UTC +01:00)

A behind the scenes look at how the Green Crane project is developing large scale green hydrogen production and its associated value chain by using renewable energies and distribution across Spain and into central Europe.