18 - 19 April 2023, Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

18 Apr
 - 13:00 BST (UTC +01:00)
Hydrogen Production Stream
Panel Discussion

An Update of the Portuguese Market: Developments Over The Last 12 Months

Over 1 GW of new hydrogen projects have been announced since April in Portugal. With the pipeline building we will examine the barriers to success, and the future opportunities for green hydrogen.

  • An overview of policy changes in the last 12 months – what are the latest opportunities that have opened up?
  • Behind the scenes looks at the challenges Portuguese developers are having, and the barriers on the ground when implementing projects.
  • A deep dive into the Portuguese auctions: were they successful, and what is the best way to move the market forward in the aftermath?
Head of Business Development
Rega Energy
Head of H2 Business
AICEP Global Parkes (Sines Industrial & Logistics Zone)
Project Manager
Hyperion Renewables
Managing Director Southern Europe