17-18 May 2022 | Portugal



A New Way To Experience The Green Hydrogen Summit

Join us in Portugal, in-person!

Experience the Green Hydrogen Summit for 2 days in Portugal and spend some time away from your desk.

We are excited to welcome those who can join us in Portugal. Bringing everyone together in-person, the Green Hydrogen Summit will offer you the best networking experience yet, with an even wider audience for you to connect with.

Enjoy a break from your desk/home office set up to join the entire Green Hydrogen community. You will have access to all content on-demand as part of your ticket. Spend more time making connections without missing any of the fantastic content on offer across the two days. Connect with other attendees at the event, but also virtual attendees online through our dedicated app.

Join us in-person, in Portugal.

In Person Tickets

Money Back Guarantee

✔ Networking Drinks

✔ Coffee Breaks

✔ In-Person Meetings

✔ Roam the exhibition floor

✔ Covid Safety Measures

✔ No Distractions From Device

✔ Full Access to all onsite content sessions

✔ Submit Questions Directly To Speakers

✔ Take Part In Live Polls

✔ Dedicated Event App

The Green Hydrogen Summit is the ultimate meeting hub for the entire Green Hydrogen ecosystem. We connect everyone; whether you are trying to find the perfect solution provider to common problems such as achieving cost- competitive green hydrogen at scale or want to meet a particular speaker who’s innovations in the industry are trailblazing – we connect people.

Networking Drinks

Have access to the drinks reception after the conference, giving you the chance to unwind and chat with fellow attendees in a not so formal fashion. A great way to round of a superb first day of the conference!

In Person Discussions

Being actually able to take part in face to face discussions will be a huge advantage to getting business done. Our open discussion panels and presentations have Q&A at the end so you can ask your all important questions and get an answer there and then.

Here’s your chance to step away from asking for connection requests and to start having real conversations that will leave a lasting impression. 

Dedicated Networking Sessions

Our events have dedicated networking and exhibitor sessions to ensure you have time to chat with fellow attendees.

There’s a lot of sessions taking place over the 2 days, but remember they are recorded and available for you to watch on demand so use your time wisely and distribute some of those new business cards? 

Our events have dedicated networking and exhibitor sessions which allow attendees to join the